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1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • CBT is a Talking Cure. Done in one or two times a week. Each visit is about 1 hour duration. About 5-10 visits are required. CBT can be done while taking medicines also.
  • In CBT therapist and patient jointly analyse the thoughts, beliefs, behaviour, body symptoms and relations with people
  • Dysfunctional (problematic) aspect of above said issues are changed. This leads to better feelings and behaviour. Often this leads to complete cure of the problem. It may be possible to completely stop medications.

In CBT the techniques used are cognitive behaviourial analysis, mindfulness and acceptance, exposure and response prevention, imagery modification, role play, rational emotive dialogues, Gestalt empty chair techniques, childhood trauma work, relaxation techniques and social skills training. These are done with perfect understanding of patient's mindset, genuine caring and warmth.

Special CBT Methods

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for borderline personality disorder
  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety and Depression
  • Meta Cognitive Therapy for schizopherenia. Note : mania, schizopherenia and bipolar discorders may not be cured by CBT. Patient may have to continue medicine for a long time.

2. Medications:

Medicines for conditions like mania, psychosis, schizophrenia etc. Minimum amount of medicines are only given.

3. Manasu Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre :
(Jedigenahalli, Hoskote-Malur Road, Hoskote)

Long term admissions for male alcoholic, drug abusing and mentally ill patients.


Tuesday      : 6.30 pm To 8.30 pm
Wednesday : 6.30 pm To 8.30 pm
Thursday     : 6.30 pm To 8.30 pm
Friday          : 6.30 pm To 8.30 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Monday :
Flexible timing with prior appointment

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No 704, Geetanjali House,
1st cross, Arvind avenue extension,
opposite Usha-Kiran apartment,
Laxminarayana pura ,
Bangalore 560037
Email: drsudhirhebbar@gmail.com

Helpline No.: +91 98451 33229

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